Making Democracy Work

Volunteer Opportunities

You can make a difference!

As we prepare for elections, several committees are organized to support the effort. Want to help?

Send an email to or call the League office at 650-325-5780 and leave your name, phone number and committee you are interested in serving on.

Speakers Bureau

The League of Women Voters provides information and training on presenting pros and cons on statewide ballot measures. League speakers present this information to local organizations in an effort to provide voters the information they need to cast an informed vote.

Voter Registration

The League of Women Voters maintains Voter Registration supplies at various public venues in the community such as post offices, libraries, etc. Volunteer to maintain a site near you.

Additionally, prior to elections, League volunteers register voters at art fairs, farmers markets, etc. Let us know if you are willing to assist registering voters.

Candidate Forums

The League of Women Voters sponsors Candidate Forums for local elections of city council members, school boards, special district positions, state assembly, and state senate. Opportunities to volunteer include moderating the forum, acting as time keeper, collecting written questions.

Administrative Assistant

Election season is always a busy time in the League of Women Voters office. Are you willing to volunteer an hour or two to work in the League office responding to phone requests?